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micro cars

Review by Jesus from Spain
Congratulations on a great product. Received mine in good order, Very good, Fun and fast shipping.

Forget Nitro Speeders - ZenWheels iPhone Controlled Micro Car is the way to go

Review by rcpro

After watching the YouTube videos of the RC Nitro Speeders and comparing to the ZenWheels Micro Car, I realized that the Hotwheels product is way too fast to really do anything by speed along the kitchen floor with no real control at all and all they do is flip over after they hit the wall! The ZenWheels product really shines here - you can really drive it and that's what I wanted - so I bought one!

Controllable Speed and Precise Driving Fun!

With their small size and microchip technology, the ZenWheels car can make super-precise, high-speed turns and feature responsive control in all directions. The included traffic cones are great for setting up a course right on the desktop! Really amazing!

Promotes Coordination and Strategy

I have been having a lot of fun learning how to use the various methods of controlling the ZenWheels Micro Car - the accellerometer based Wii-like tilt controls are really quite good, and the extensive settings allowed me to adjust exponential curve of the steering and throttle. Digital trim has a new meaning now that it can be done right on the iPhone controller. It makes me wonder if we will see Pro grade iPhone controllers for model aircraft soon? Having said this, the standard controls are probably the best way to start learning to drive - and it takes a little patience to get used to using the touch screen, but after a few minutes I was getting almost as good as the guy on the ZenWheels YouTube video - I was able to parallel park the car and that really was satisfying to do! I wonder if they will make an iPhone controlled RC Forklift - it seems like that would be perfect!

Drives like a real car! The kids say so!

Review by aolozco
I've always been skeptical of iPhone controlled RC toys since the others I have purchased have had annoying sounds from the app (Silverlit), or the car itself get's boring in a few minutes, but my kids saw a YouTube video of this one and wanted one and when I saw it, I figured I would try it out. It charges via micro usb cord, so have a computer or laptop nearby. The battery then lasts quite a while, but the best part was that my kids have been playing with it constantly and getting their entertainments worth out of it. They keep telling me that it is helping them to drive a real car, and after trying it myself I tend to agree. This is a really good micro rc car if you want to simulate real driving, the working signal lights and the tight turning radius really is superb, not very forgiving though, it takes a lot of skill to drive it accurately - which is good actually - it's giving us a lot of enjoyment . Will buy 1 more for myself now!

Great job mate.

Review by RC Heli
Turn your iPod touch into a remote control is very cool system and I really like it. It is very interesting system for play, and the car itself is very well crafted. Great job mate.

Best iphone rc car out there

Review by mario G
The app for this iPhone rc car is really great. It's called ZenWheels RC Commander or something and it's by far the most flexible controller app of all the iPhone rc toy controller apps that I have looked at. I have the SIlverlit iPhone controlled RC car and the software is absolutely annoying, but this ZenWheels one is really good, and the car itself drives so smoothely I am trying to get my friends to buy it too, but they are all surprised about the price - but I tell them it's worth it. I sure hope some hop up parts and mods come out for this because I want to try and do some minature rock climbing and other climbing trials by R/C.

These ain't Zip Zaps! That's for sure - Mods?

Review by hooliga
Way amazing! I thought this was like a Zip Zap micro rc car, but I saw one my friend just ordered and I am ordering one right now actually. Looks like a good platform for micro robotics and mods too. Micro RC car mods for Kyosho are all over the place for the dNano, but the zen wheels adds the iPhone control and a lot better speed control - maybe it's the gear ratio. If I had the money I'd buy an extra one just to see what the hell they are doing in that gearbox - truly amaze balls. When are you going to release a race track for zen wheel micro rc iphone cars. Is the app coming out for Android? Why no love on Android yet?

Anyone else thinking about doing some mods? I want a new body - have to see what is going to fit?


Review by rob76
Expensive, But I still want it!

Can you buy just the cones?

Review by beanertroy
Can you buy just the cones?


Review by Dave

really close to 1/87 HO Scale - TTTT comes to mainstream!

Review by HenryM
I am interested in HO Model Trains and when I saw the video of the Zen Wheel iphone rc car, I was thinking it looked just about at 1/87 scale (HO Scale), like some of those TTTT vehicles that are often R/C at 1.87 scale. TTTT means table top truck trials, and some guys in Germany have already made cars like the Zenwheels iphone controlled micro car, but they are one-off works of art. This one uses the iPhone for control and I was kindof wondering about that - I almost wish it were bind and fly like spectrum.

I bought one and was really impressed - now I know why it’s a 100 dollar toy car! I like the highly customizable driving controls on the Zen Wheels iPhone app. I might make a video of this on my layout - although it’s probably a little bigger than HO 1/87 scale, I was thinking about making a lorry truck top body and it would look just about right to scale then! An R/C utility truck or a crane could also be done using the zen wheels as the mobile platform. Probably I would have to change the wheel size slightly, but I just wanted to say that I was very happy with my purchase. To other model railroad enthusiasts, get this car - it’s really well built and performs as advertised, and I was surprised at how quiet it is - you can almost do it at the desk and nobody else will know you are actually at play!

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