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Cool product with great service!

Review by Jody
My wife gave me a Zenwheels MC silver for Christmas. Love it! The Bluetooth control software is highly responsive, and I have been very surprised with the control I have over the car.

Now here is what is cool: I had an issue with the car causing the wheels to turn right and remain there. I emailed Zenwheels help desk, and they responded quickly with not only potential solutions, but videos showing how to correct the problem as well, and then they followed up with me to ensure that my car was running as advertised. Better service than a real automobile dealer, and they didn't even try to sell me a $100 oil change...

I recommend this product and this company, but only if you are in to Hi Tech and fun times...




Review by Yolo
I totally want one

Micro car rocks :-{)

Review by HE7
I have gotten a similar car to this one and it broke within an hour.But I have wanted a Zenwheels micro car for about 2 years and I finally bought a silver one which was my favorite color. I was about to buy the new kind of black one but I liked the silver more. It is about $100 with shipping but for this car,it's cheap. Just watch the main video and you'll see.THANK YOU ZENWHEELS.COM;-{)

fantastic toy!

Review by Hitman 92
This is a great item !

Such a lot of possibilities in a tiny vehicle... amazing !
Very controllable, cool light effects... a wonder of technology and entertainment combined.
Not cheap but worthwhile !

Are you guys showing at Vegas CES this year?

Review by Nick
Hey are you guys going to show the ZenWheels at the CES this year? I think there is an entire building of iPhone appcessories there. Sphero was there, but I think your system with all the lights and race timer would be a micro showstopper at CES!

Greetings from Austria

Review by Alicja
Would you please confirm whether the ZenWheels Microcar is compatible with the iPod touch 5G (5th generation)?
I already own a ZenWheels Micro and am completely satisfied! I'm a Micro RC enthusiast and always dreamt of such a maneuverable tiny vehicle. The lights and sounds are absolutely gorgeous as well.
I'm currently using an iPod touch 4G, but would like to update to the newest iPod touch 5G (5th generation) with iOS 6 operating system. Please let me know.

Admin Edit:
Yes, The ZenWheels Microcar will work with iPod touch 5G - No Problem

Solid little unit.

Review by Keith.G
I'm totally a gadget guy, I think I have every iPhone toy there is, the Rovio, AR Drone, and that big Silverlit Ferrari.

The problem with them is they are better suited for outdoors if you can find some pavement that is smooth enough. They are just too fast for indoor use IMHO. it also chews up a lot of AA batteries. (no charger)

This MicroCar thing really fits the bill, I've taken it everywhere with me. It's so small that most people don't even believe the iPhone is actually controlling it - they are convinced it's a trick...

Great Fun!

Great toy for iphone

Review by JerdanMan
I just got mine delivered a few days ago and came back to order more autocross cones which i should have got in the first place. I have the ar drone and the sphero and this toy gets much more play time because it's so small I can take it anywhere.

I'm not slacking off, my code is compiling

Review by Brooksi
Great little Car!! Awesome fun to navigate through a obstacle course with enough torque to climb decent grades. Easy to get started but it will take some time to master high speed racing. The application is fantastic with the joy stick and tilt modes.

Hopefully you guys sell enough of these to make another revision of these. It would be cool to have any of 4wd, higher ground clearance and an on-board camera.

Cool Micro RC Car!!

Review by Awesome Man
I Live In Calgary Where Can You Get These I Really Want This Car!

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