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  1. AutoCross Set - 50 Cones and 2 Timing Gates

    Totally hooked on the timing gate feature of your ZenWheels Micro Car? Cant get enough racing? Having a big race party with friends? This AutoCross Set includes 50 of our super fine traffic cones and 2 more Timing Gates. Learn More

  2. Replacement Steering Knuckles - 2pcs

    Have a broken "Steering Knuckle"??

    Although they're not super easy to replace, it's not that bad.

    Set of 2pcs Learn More

  3. Traffic Cone Set - 10 cones

    Every ZenWheels Micro Car ships with 10 orange traffic cones, but if you've lost some or need to have a few more - now's your chance! Each Cone Set includes 10 plastic traffic cones, perfectly color matched with cones we sampled from a town near you. Learn More

  4. ZenWheels Trailer Set

    The ZenWheels Trailer is the perfect party accessory. It includes 5 drinking glasses to deliver drinks to friends.

    Installing the hitch is very easy, just snap the magnet to the top of the trailer magnet to ensure the correct polarity and then press it into the socket on the underside of the car. In some cases the magnet may come loose and a dab a glue may be needed to lock it in.

    Learn More

4 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction